Compensation for Loose Or Rotten Windows And Doors

Are your heating bills skyrocketing? Have you noticed unsightly marks on your frames?

Your windows and doors could be rotten, loose or both – putting your property and health at risk…

Timber decay is gradual, and sometimes elusive. Pliable frames and discolouration are signs to look for, but when left alone, the knock-on effects are unavoidable. Rotten and loose fittings not only let cold draughts in, they also undermine the security of your home.

Experts in windows and doors compensation claims

No tenant should dig deeper into their own pocket because of loose or rotten windows. Replacements are devastatingly expensive, and not your responsibility. If your Council or Housing Association still hasn’t taken action, you could make a claim for disrepair.

ClaimSpot will prioritise the issue so you don’t have to wait around for new windows and doors. We will fight to get you housing disrepair compensation – fast.

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You can claim compensation if:


The property is owned by the Council or Housing Association


The property is situated in England or Wales


You have proof (photo evidence) of the defects


No other solicitor has dealt with the case before

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Let us help you:

Get damage compensation

We’ve won more than 95% of all compensation cases.

Repair the damage

We ensure that all damages are repaired in a timely manner.

Improve your living conditions

We’ve helped clients improve the state of their property.

We cover personal injury claims too

Poor housing conditions pose a serious threat to your health as well as your property. Outdated electrical systems create a fire hazard, doors and windows with broken seals increase heating bills, and mould can drastically impact your health. If you’ve been affected physically or mentally, we will help you make a personal injury claim too.

How it Works

1. We collect the relevant information

Our specialist consultants will call you and collect all the information we need to build your case.

2. You sign the agreement

Once the case is accepted, you can sign an agreement either electronically or in person – whichever you prefer.

3. We conduct a visual inspection

Our experts will conduct a FREE visual inspection of your home to check for any damages.

4. The damages to your home are repaired

A specialist team appointed by the Council will repair any damages to your property, leaving you with a safe and healthy home.

Why ClaimSpot?

No Win, No Fee Guarantee

With our no win, no fee housing solicitors, there’s no upfront fees and no hidden charges. If your solicitor doesn’t win, you don’t pay a thing.

We Fight For The Highest Possible Compensation

Our solicitors pride themselves in fighting for the highest possible compensation for our clients – and they can do the same for you.

Your Time Is Our Priority

We go further to ensure that your case is successful and handled in the shortest time possible.

We Win More Than 95% Of All Compensation Cases

Our panel of solicitors are experts in housing disrepair claims and have helped thousands of customers get the compensation they deserve.